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Our new Cherry Creek Gifted & Talented web site launched on January 1 and is focused on connecting parents of gifted children. The goal of the site is to provide the highest value to parents by providing them answers to their questions.

New Web Site Launch


Twins who Learn at Different Rates: How Do You Handle That?

It’s not about who was first, or better, or more precise. Twins are individuals whose accomplishments and struggles stand on ...
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A few weeks ago, I suggested on Twitter that we should #Blog4Climate today if it wasn’t possible for us to ...
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Finding the Right Fit: 2e kids in a “one-size-fits-all” world

Our kids will come alive as they have never before when they finally find their niche, finally find people who ...
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Fundraising Ideas for Kids

When Your Child Wants to Help at Times of Need  In 1972, after the first Easter Seals telethon, my sister ...
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