About CCGT

The Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) is a community of parents and educators working together to inform each other advance the needs of their gifted student and all gifted children.  We are the Cherry Creek affiliate of the CAGT and we’re just getting started and need interested parents to join the community.  In addition to representation on the CCSD Gifted and Talented Executive Committee, we advocate on behalf to other educators and network with district parents to define our affiliate goals.

Following the CAGT model, the Cherry Creek Gifted & Talented community will start simply – as an online information exchange and email newsletter. As our community grows, we will begin developing programs for gifted parents and students and their exceptional needs, and advocate for appropriate education and affective support through partnerships with educators, families, students, administrators, legislators, and the general public.

You’ve already taken the first step by joining our community web site.  The next step is simply to connect with other parents and volunteers.  Ask a question!  Or send us an email!


Your Cherry Creek Gifted & Talented Steering Committee

Randy Dorsey – randy@cherrycreekgt.org

Nancy Lee – nancy@cherrycreekgt.org

Jennifer Rix – jennifer@cherrycreekgt.org

Li Shu – lshu@cherrycreekgt.org