About Cherry Creek GT

Who is Cherry Creek GT? We are Cherry Creek Gifted & Talented (CCGT), a community of parents, family, guardians, and educators of gifted students. We are an affiliate of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT). We are a community working together to inform one another to advance strategies to meet the needs of our gifted students and all gifted children and teens.

How may you be a part of the community? CCGT is growing and invites adults interested in learning about and advocating for our gifted student population to join our online community. The CCGT parent community will grow as an online information exchange and newsletter. As our membership increases, we will develop and offer events for parents, students, and educators to address the exceptional needs of our gifted population, including twice-exceptional students (those who are identified as GT and have an IEP or a 504). Register as a parent on our web site and stay informed!

Who is involved? Cherry Creek GT supports partnerships with educators, administrators, families, students, legislators, and the general public. It is our goal to partner with all stakeholders and work collaboratively with parents, families, schools, students, and community. We are growing our steering committee, so please email us today if you’re interested in joining these initial efforts!

What can Cherry Creek GT do for you? Our community is here to educate, listen, provide information and resources, and help you build community with whom to navigate the unique challenges and celebrate the joys of parenting gifted children and teens.